Keep the conversation with us

As you start messaging members inevitably the time will come when they ask for your contact details. We strongly advise you to keep the conversation on our site until you are completely confident that you want to progress the relationship further.

Below are a few reasons you should keep the conversation on the site:

We can help while the conversation is on here

Whilst you keep the conversation here you have our support. You can flag a conversation as abusive, spam, or report a profile to us. The moment you take the conversation elsewhere you lose that safety.

We give you the ability to block someone

If you give your social network details or telephone number to another member you lose the ability to block them if they turn out to be someone you no longer wish to speak to.

Get to know the person first

We use the 'friends' system to encourage members to get to know each other before they exchange contact details. If you let someone in to your social network they can find out a lot of information about you and you might not be comfortable with a stranger having access to all of this information.

Look out for warning signals

If someone seems overly keen to get your contact details then you should exercise extra caution. Take your time to get to know them and don't feel pressured to let them in to your private life.

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