Population 574,300
Single pop. 158,162
Timezone Asia/Kabul
Country Afghanistan


Welcome to Herat, a city where history and culture converge in the most picturesque way! Known for its stunning architecture, like the famous Herat Citadel and the Grand Mosque, this city is a treasure trove of Persian artistry and ancient traditions. Whether you're exploring its bustling bazaars or relaxing in one of its many serene parks, Herat offers a unique blend of old-world charm and modern-day life. It's a perfect spot for those who appreciate a rich cultural tapestry and endless opportunities for beautiful Instagram-worthy photos. Get ready to be captivated by the vibrant heart of Afghanistan's art and culture!

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Visit the Herat Citadel

Explore the historic Herat Citadel, also known as Ikhtyaruddin Fortress. This ancient site offers a glimpse into Afghanistan's rich history and provides a peaceful atmosphere for a thoughtful walk and conversation.

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Stroll through Bagh-e Taraki

Enjoy a leisurely stroll in Bagh-e Taraki, a popular park in Herat. It's a great spot to relax, enjoy the greenery, and have a quiet picnic away from the city hustle.

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Explore Herat's Old City

Take a walk through the Old City of Herat. Immerse yourselves in the vibrant bazaars, admire traditional architecture, and perhaps pick up some local crafts or spices as souvenirs.

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Dating in Herat

In the historic city of Herat, where tradition meets modernity, finding your special someone can be a unique challenge, especially for the gay community. Only Lads offers a discreet, safe, and vibrant platform tailored specifically for gay and gay trans men. Here, you can connect with like-minded individuals who share your interests and values right in the heart of Herat. Whether you're looking for a deep connection or just a chance to meet new people, Only Lads makes it easy to navigate the dating world in a city rich with cultural heritage but still growing in LGBTQ+ visibility and acceptance. Join Only Lads and discover your next great love story in Herat, where every interaction is private, respectful, and geared towards building meaningful relationships.

A brief history of Herat

Herat, one of Afghanistan’s largest and most historically rich cities, is a tapestry of culture and history. Located in the western part of the country, Herat has been a crucial crossroads of various civilizations for centuries, each leaving a distinctive mark on the city’s architecture, traditions, and cultural milieu. From its days under the Achaemenid Empire to becoming a key city in the Silk Road, Herat's legacy as a center of literature, art, and science is profound. The city was particularly renowned during the Timurid dynasty when it flourished as a capital of culture and intellect, drawing scholars, poets, and artists from across Asia.

For gay men, including gay trans men, interested in arts and history, Herat offers a captivating blend of Persian influence evident in its stunning mosques and minarets adorned with intricate tile work. The region's traditional emphasis on poetry and literature could be particularly inspiring for those with a penchant for the romantic and the expressive. While public expressions of LGBTQ+ identities might be constrained by local norms and legal frameworks, the deep-rooted appreciation for artistic expression in Herat provides a unique backdrop to explore personal and historical narratives—a reminder of the universal quest for love and self-expression.

Remember, while exploring Herat's beautiful landscapes and historical sites, it's important to be mindful and respectful of local customs and regulations regarding LGBTQ+ matters. The rich history and culture can offer a profound sense of connection to the past, possibly serving as a quiet affirmation of one's own journey in finding love and self-acceptance.