Population 265,086
Single pop. 73,005
Timezone Europe/Brussels
Country Belgium

Ghent - 'The Flower City'

Ghent is a vibrant gem in Belgium, blending medieval charm with a progressive, contemporary vibe. This city is known for its stunning architecture like the Gravensteen castle and the picturesque streets of the Patershol district. It's a cultural hotspot with a buzzing arts scene, lively bars, and an inclusive atmosphere that celebrates diversity. Ghent hosts various events and festivals that attract a young, dynamic crowd, making it a perfect spot for those who love to explore rich history while enjoying modern-day festivities. Whether you're into art, food, or just hanging out with friends in cool spots, Ghent has something exciting to offer.

Date ideas for Ghent

Explore Gravensteen Castle

Take a step back in time at Gravensteen, a medieval castle right in the heart of Ghent. It's perfect for history buffs or anyone looking for a fairy-tale backdrop to their date. Don't miss the panoramic views of the city from the top!

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Stroll along the Graslei and Korenlei

Walk hand-in-hand along the picturesque Graslei and Korenlei streets by the river. The area is bustling with cafes and offers stunning views of Ghent's old buildings and boats passing by. Great for a relaxed afternoon.

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Visit Design Museum Gent

For those who love modern art and design, Design Museum Gent is a must-visit. Explore innovative design concepts from the 20th century to today. It’s an inspiring spot that sparks great conversations.

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Coffee at OR Espresso Bar

Grab a coffee at OR Espresso Bar, known for its excellent brews and cozy atmosphere. It's a popular spot among locals and a great place to get to know each other better over a delicious cup of coffee.

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Night Out at Café 't Roze Huis

't Roze Huis is not just any bar; it's a vibrant part of Ghent’s LGBTQ+ community. Enjoy a fun evening with friendly locals, great drinks, and often live music or DJ sets. It’s safe, welcoming, and definitely lively!

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Dating in Ghent

Looking for love in Ghent? Only Lads is your go-to! This vibrant city, with its stunning mix of medieval architecture and modern culture, is the perfect backdrop for romance. Whether you're exploring the charming streets of Patershol or enjoying a night out in the bustling bars of Vlasmarkt, Only Lads connects you with like-minded guys right in your area. Our app tailors to the dynamic and diverse community here, including gay trans men, making it super easy to meet someone who really gets you. With user-friendly features and a cool vibe, Only Lads is all about making genuine connections in Ghent. So why wait? Dive into Ghent's lively gay scene with us and find your match!

A brief history of Ghent

Ghent, a vibrant gem in East Flanders, Belgium, boasts a rich tapestry of history intertwined with progressive charm. Founded in the Middle Ages, this city has evolved from a medieval powerhouse to a bustling, modern cultural hub. Its picturesque canals and stunning architecture, like the imposing Gravensteen Castle and the majestic Saint Bavo's Cathedral, offer a romantic backdrop that's perfect for any date or leisurely walk.

This city isn't just about its past; it's very much alive with a youthful energy, largely thanks to its large student population and thriving arts scene. Ghent holds a progressive stance on LGBTQ+ rights, fostering a welcoming atmosphere for gay men, including gay trans men. The city's inclusive vibe is palpable, from lively festivals to casual hangouts in quaint cafés. For those looking to connect, find love, or just explore with someone special, Ghent offers both historical intrigue and a forward-thinking spirit.