Population 1,948,626
Single pop. 536,652
Timezone America/Sao_Paulo
Country Brazil

Curitiba - 'Cidade Modelo'

Welcome to Curitiba, a vibrant gem in Brazil's south that's as green as it is gay-friendly! Known for its innovative urban planning and abundance of parks and green spaces, Curitiba is a breath of fresh air for those who love both nature and city life. This city boasts a progressive vibe, with a lively arts scene, buzzing nightlife, and inclusive atmosphere that makes it a welcoming spot for the LGBTQ+ community. Whether you're into cozy coffee shops, trendy bars, or cultural festivals, Curitiba offers a dynamic setting to explore, meet new people, and maybe even find that special someone.

Date ideas for Curitiba

Stroll through Jardim Botânico

Take a leisurely walk in Curitiba's iconic Jardim Botânico. Famous for its unique art nouveau greenhouse, this botanical garden offers lush landscapes and serene paths, perfect for a peaceful date.

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Explore the Museu Oscar Niemeyer

Visit the Museu Oscar Niemeyer, an art museum designed by the famous Brazilian architect. Known as the 'Eye Museum' due to its distinctive design, it's a great spot to explore modern art and architecture together.

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Coffee at Brooklyn Coffee Shop

Enjoy some quality coffee and cozy vibes at Brooklyn Coffee Shop. With a welcoming atmosphere and excellent brews, it’s a great spot to chat and relax with someone special.

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Dinner at Sel et Sucre

Have a romantic dinner at Sel et Sucre, a charming bistro with a cozy ambiance. Known for its fusion cuisine and excellent service, it’s ideal for a more intimate dining experience.

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Night Out at Cats Club Disco

Dance the night away at Cats Club Disco, one of Curitiba's most popular gay clubs. With vibrant music and a friendly crowd, it’s the perfect place to let loose and have fun together.

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Dating in Curitiba

Curitiba, with its vibrant culture and bustling nightlife, is the perfect canvas for love stories. Only Lads makes it easier to navigate this dynamic city's dating scene, connecting you with like-minded guys right in your neighborhood or as you explore the lush parks and trendy cafes. Whether you're a local or just visiting, our app helps you find someone who shares your interests and vibes with the city’s unique rhythm. Dive into Curitiba's gay scene with Only Lads and discover why it’s the go-to app for smart, modern gay and trans men looking for both fun dates and serious connections.

A brief history of Curitiba

Curitiba, the capital of Paraná in southern Brazil, is a city known for its innovative urban planning and rich cultural scene. Established as a gold mining camp in the 17th century, it quickly evolved due to coffee and maté-planting booms, becoming an emblem of diversity and progress in Brazil. The city's layout, designed by architect Jaime Lerner, includes expansive green spaces and an integrated transportation network that champions sustainability and quality of life.

For the young, vibrant gay community, including gay trans men, Curitiba offers a welcoming atmosphere with its progressive mindset and diverse population. The city boasts several annual events that bring the community together, celebrating love and diversity – perfect opportunities to meet new people and explore romantic interests. With its picturesque parks and trendy neighborhoods, Curitiba provides a scenic backdrop for romantic strolls or cozy cafe dates, making it an ideal spot for love to blossom.