Population 1,086,505
Single pop. 299,223
Timezone Africa/Ouagadougou
Country Burkina Faso

Ouagadougou - 'Ouaga'

Welcome to Ouagadougou, the vibrant heart of Burkina Faso! Known affectionately as "Ouaga," this city is a bustling hub where traditional culture meets modern vibes. Dive into the lively atmosphere at the local markets, or explore the city's growing arts scene—perfect for those who appreciate creativity and expression. With its warm climate and even warmer locals, Ouagadougou offers a unique blend of experiences that cater to adventurous spirits and cultural enthusiasts alike. Whether you're looking to connect with local history or enjoy the dynamic nightlife, Ouaga has something exciting for everyone.

Date ideas for Ouagadougou

Explore the National Museum of Music

Dive into the rich musical heritage of Burkina Faso at the National Museum of Music in Ouagadougou. It's a great spot to learn about traditional instruments and the history of music in the region, making for a culturally enriching date.

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Relax at Bangr-Weoogo Urban Park

Take a leisurely stroll or have a picnic at Bangr-Weoogo Urban Park. This large park offers a peaceful escape from the city buzz, perfect for a relaxed day out chatting and enjoying each other's company.

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Catch a film at Cine Burkina

Enjoy a movie night at Cine Burkina, one of the main cinemas in Ouagadougou. They often showcase African cinema along with international films, offering a cozy spot for entertainment and relaxation.

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Visit the Village Artisanal de Ouagadougou

Check out the Village Artisanal for some local crafts and art. It’s an excellent place to see artisans at work and perhaps pick up a unique gift for each other. A great way to support local artists and take home a piece of Ouagadougou.

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Dinner at Le Verdoyant

Have a romantic dinner at Le Verdoyant, known for its beautiful garden setting and delicious cuisine. It’s a bit of an oasis in the city and offers both local and international dishes, perfect for a special evening out.

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Dating in Ouagadougou

In the vibrant heart of Burkina Faso, Ouagadougou is a bustling hub where tradition meets modernity. But let's be real, finding your gay love story in the city can be a bit of a maze. That's where Only Lads comes in! Our app is tailor-made for the young, modern gay and gay trans man looking for connection. With Only Lads, you can easily filter through profiles to find guys right here in Ouaga who share your interests, vibes, and expectations. Whether you're looking for a chill chat, a date to explore the city's lively markets and cultural spots, or maybe more—Only Lads makes it simple, safe, and super fun. Don't just wait for love to happen; jump into Only Lads and start your adventure right here in Ouagadougou!

A brief history of Ouagadougou

Ouagadougou, the vibrant capital of Burkina Faso, pulses with history and culture. Long before it became a bustling metropolis, it was established in the 11th century as the capital of the Mossi Empire, becoming a significant urban center in West Africa. Over the centuries, Ouagadougou has been a witness to many historic events, including the French colonial expansion and later gaining independence in 1960. Today, it stands as a testament to resilience and growth, embodying a blend of traditional heritage and modern aspirations.

For the young, gay community in Ouagadougou, the city offers a backdrop of historical richness mixed with contemporary life. While Burkina Faso is traditionally conservative, the capital city is somewhat more open-minded and progressive, making it easier for gay men and trans men to connect and share experiences. The city’s growth has fostered a sense of community and solidarity among LGBTQ+ individuals, providing spaces where love and connections can flourish against a backdrop of shared history and collective hopes for a more inclusive future. With its lively cultural scene and deep historical roots, Ouagadougou presents an intriguing space for dating and socializing, where every encounter is enriched with stories from past and present.