Population 7,674,366
Single pop. 2,113,520
Timezone America/Bogota
Country Colombia

Bogotá - 'La Atenas Suramericana'

Welcome to Bogotá, Colombia's high-altitude heart where vibrant culture and cool, urban vibes meet. This bustling metropolis serves as a canvas of colorful street art, trendy neighborhoods, and an eclectic mix of modern and colonial architecture. Dive into the thriving LGBTQ+ scene with lively bars and clubs in areas like Chapinero, where the community's pulse is palpable. Whether you're sipping locally sourced coffee in a sleek café, exploring rich museums like the Gold Museum, or dancing the night away, Bogotá offers a dynamic backdrop for adventure and connection. Get ready to explore a city that celebrates diversity with open arms!

Date ideas for Bogotá

Explore the Chapinero neighborhood

Chapinero is known as Bogotá's gay-friendly hotspot. Stroll through this vibrant area, check out trendy cafes, and explore local shops. It's a great place to soak in the city's LGBTQ+ culture and maybe even catch a drag show in the evening.

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Visit the Botanical Garden

Enjoy a peaceful day at Bogotá's Botanical Garden. With its beautiful display of native flora, it's a serene spot for a leisurely walk or a quiet picnic. Perfect for nature lovers looking to escape the hustle of the city.

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Coffee tasting in Usaquén

Head to Usaquén for a coffee tasting experience. This charming district offers quaint streets lined with artisanal shops and some of the best coffee spots in Bogotá. A delightful date for coffee enthusiasts!

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Art tour at Museo del Oro

Discover Colombia's rich history at Museo del Oro (Gold Museum). This museum houses an extensive collection of pre-Hispanic gold work, offering insights into the country’s indigenous cultures. An educational and fascinating date idea.

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Night out at Theatron

Dance your night away at Theatron, the largest gay club in Latin America. Located in Chapinero, this mega-club offers multiple themed rooms with different music styles. It’s a must-visit for an energetic and fun night out.

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Dating in Bogotá

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A brief history of Bogotá

Bogotá, the high-altitude heart of Colombia, boasts a rich and diverse history that mirrors its vibrant culture and progressive spirit. Founded in 1538 by Spanish explorer Gonzalo Jiménez de Quesada, the city originally named "Bacatá" by the indigenous Muisca people, swiftly became a melting pot of native and European influences. Over centuries, it evolved into the bustling metropolis it is today, serving as the political, economic, and cultural hub of the country.

The city's historical layers are visible in its varied architecture, from the cobbled streets and colonial churches in La Candelaria district to the sleek, modern skyscrapers downtown. Bogotá is also a beacon of cultural liberalism in Colombia, celebrated for its vibrant arts scene, inclusive atmosphere, and dynamic social policies. This progressive attitude makes it a welcoming place for the LGBTQ+ community, offering a safe and supportive environment for gay men and trans individuals to explore, connect, and thrive in both love and life. The city's annual pride parade, usually held in June or July, is a testament to its strong LGBTQ+ community and is an exuberant celebration of diversity and rights that draws crowds from across the globe.