Population 2,781,641
Single pop. 766,064
Timezone America/Guayaquil
Country Ecuador

Quito - 'Luz de América'

Quito, the high-altitude capital of Ecuador, is a vibrant blend of old and new. Nestled in the Andean foothills, this city is famed for its well-preserved historic center, which is a UNESCO World Heritage site, brimming with colonial monuments and architectural treasures. For the modern traveler, Quito offers a lively cultural scene, with trendy cafes, vibrant nightlife, and inclusive spaces that celebrate the LGBTQ+ community. Whether you're exploring the quaint streets of the Old Town or enjoying the contemporary arts and gastronomy, Quito stands out as a dynamic city with a warm welcome for everyone, especially for the young and adventurous gay traveler.

Date ideas for Quito

Explore La Ronda

Stroll through the charming streets of La Ronda in the historic center of Quito. This area is filled with quaint cafes, artisan shops, and live music, perfect for a relaxed evening exploring local culture and cuisine.

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Hike at Parque Metropolitano

Get active together with a hike at Parque Metropolitano. This urban park offers stunning views of the city and plenty of trails, making it ideal for nature lovers or those looking to escape the hustle and bustle.

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Visit the Capilla del Hombre

Check out the Capilla del Hombre, a museum dedicated to the works of Ecuadorian artist Oswaldo Guayasamín. This thought-provoking museum offers insights into Latin American art and history, perfect for a culturally enriching date.

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Coffee at Isveglio

Grab a coffee at Isveglio, a trendy spot known for its excellent brews and modern ambiance. It's a great place to have deep conversations or simply enjoy some downtime together.

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Night Out at Kika

Experience Quito's nightlife at Kika, a popular gay-friendly club known for its vibrant atmosphere and themed nights. Dance the night away or enjoy cocktails in this inclusive space.

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Dating in Quito

Quito, with its vibrant mix of modern urban culture and rich historical ambiance, offers a unique backdrop for love and adventure. For gay men, including gay trans men, navigating the dating scene here can be as complex as the city's winding streets. That's where Only Lads comes in! Our app connects you with like-minded individuals right in your area or across this sprawling city. Whether you're looking to explore the lively La Mariscal nightlife or enjoy a quiet coffee date in the historic Old Town, Only Lads makes it easy to meet someone who shares your interests and vibes. Dive into Quito's diverse gay scene with confidence and find your match on Only Lads.

A brief history of Quito

Quito, the capital of Ecuador, is a city rich in history and vibrancy, nestled high in the Andes at 2,850 meters. It's one of the best-preserved historic centers in the Americas, radiating old-world charm with its colonial architecture and cobblestone streets. Established on the ruins of an Incan city in 1534, Quito was one of the first World Cultural Heritage Sites declared by UNESCO in 1978. This city isn't just a feast for the eyes; it's steeped in a history that blends indigenous cultures with Spanish influence, offering a unique backdrop for residents and visitors alike.

For the modern gay man, including gay trans men, Quito offers a welcoming atmosphere with a growing LGBTQ+ community. The city celebrates its diversity through various annual events that advocate for rights and visibility, contributing to a sense of community and belonging. Whether you're exploring love or looking to connect with others who share your experiences, Quito provides both historical intrigue and a progressive, inclusive environment. The blend of traditional culture with contemporary acceptance makes Quito an enchanting place for romance and building connections within the community.