Population 9,606,916
Single pop. 2,645,745
Timezone Africa/Cairo
Country Egypt

Cairo - 'The City of a Thousand Minarets'

Welcome to Cairo, the pulsating heart of Egypt where history and modernity dance along the Nile. This sprawling metropolis is a treasure trove of ancient secrets, bustling markets, and vibrant nightlife. Whether you're exploring the majestic pyramids, bargaining in the colorful Khan el-Khalili bazaar, or sipping coffee in trendy Zamalek, Cairo promises an adventure that's as rich as its history. The city's dynamic energy and warm hospitality make it an exciting backdrop for making new connections and unforgettable memories.

Date ideas for Cairo

Nile River Dinner Cruise

Enjoy a romantic evening with a dinner cruise on the Nile. This experience combines stunning views of Cairo at night, delicious food, and often live entertainment like belly dancing and traditional music.

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Visit the Egyptian Museum

Explore the treasures of ancient Egypt together at the Egyptian Museum. It's a fascinating way to spend a day, diving into history and marveling at artifacts like Tutankhamun’s treasures.

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Stroll through Al-Azhar Park

Take a relaxing walk in Al-Azhar Park, one of Cairo’s largest green spaces. The park offers beautiful gardens, great views of the city, and a peaceful escape from the bustling city life.

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Coffee at El Fishawi

Experience the charm of Cairo’s oldest coffeehouse, El Fishawi. Located in the heart of Khan el-Khalili bazaar, it’s perfect for soaking up local culture over a traditional mint tea or Turkish coffee.

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Explore Coptic Cairo

Discover the historic area of Coptic Cairo, where you can visit ancient churches like St. Sergius and Bacchus Church, and wander through narrow lanes that echo with history.

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Dating in Cairo

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A brief history of Cairo

Cairo, the heart of Egypt, stands as one of the world's oldest civilizations, blending rich history with vibrant modernity. Dating back over a thousand years, this bustling metropolis has always been a hub of culture and social interaction. Known as the "City of a Thousand Minarets" for its stunning Islamic architecture, Cairo has grown from an ancient settlement on the Nile into a sprawling urban center that captivates everyone who visits.

For the young and adventurous gay man, Cairo offers a landscape filled with hidden gems and subtle experiences amidst its historical backdrop. The city's diverse neighborhoods tell tales of times past and present, creating an intriguing setting for love and connection. While public displays of affection are generally kept private, the city's youth are increasingly embracing a more diverse cultural dialogue, fostering a discreet yet heartfelt dating scene. Whether strolling through the romantic, narrow lanes of Coptic Cairo or enjoying a quiet sunset by the Nile, Cairo promises a unique blend of tradition and subtle modernity ideal for those looking to create their own love stories.