Population 3,124,458
Single pop. 860,476
Timezone Asia/Kolkata
Country India

Pune - 'Queen of the Deccan'

Welcome to Pune, a vibrant city that perfectly blends modernity with rich history! Known for its youthful vibe, thanks to the numerous colleges and universities, Pune is a hotspot for culture, education, and lively nightlife. With an array of trendy cafes, bustling markets, and lush green spaces like the Osho Teerth Park, it's a city that invites you to explore and connect. Whether you're into catching up over coffee, enjoying a night out with friends, or soaking in some tranquility in nature, Pune offers a welcoming atmosphere for gay men to meet, mingle, and create memorable experiences.

Date ideas for Pune

Explore Koregaon Park

Stroll through the lanes of Koregaon Park, known for its vibrant atmosphere and cool cafes. It's a great area to just hang out, grab a coffee, or have a meal in one of the many trendy eateries.

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Visit Osho Garden

Find some peace and quiet at the Osho Garden in Koregaon Park. This serene spot is ideal for a relaxed walk or meditation together, surrounded by lush greenery and a calming vibe.

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Shopping at Phoenix Marketcity

Spend the day shopping at Phoenix Marketcity, one of Pune's largest shopping malls. With a wide range of brands and entertainment options, it’s a fun place to explore and enjoy some retail therapy.

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Evening at High Spirits Cafe

Catch live music or a stand-up comedy show at High Spirits Cafe. Known for its lively events and friendly crowd, it's a perfect spot to let loose and have some fun together.

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Picnic at Mulshi Dam

Drive out to Mulshi Dam for a scenic picnic. The area around the dam offers beautiful views and is quite popular among locals for a quick getaway into nature.

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Dating in Pune

In the vibrant city of Pune, where tradition meets modernity, finding your special someone should be as dynamic and exciting as the city itself. Only Lads is your go-to gay dating app here, offering a tailored experience that understands the pulse of Pune's young, energetic gay community. Whether you're exploring the cultural hotspots around Koregaon Park or looking for some cool hangouts in Shivajinagar, Only Lads connects you with like-minded guys who are just as adventurous and ready to mingle. With user-friendly features and a local focus, it's never been easier to meet other gay and trans men in Pune who share your interests and passions. Dive into Pune’s dating scene with Only Lads and find your match in a way that's safe, fun, and distinctly you!

A brief history of Pune

Pune, known as the cultural capital of Maharashtra, boasts a rich tapestry of history and modernity. Historically, it was the seat of the Peshwas in the Maratha Empire, which thrived on scholarship, arts, and craftsmanship. Today, Pune has transformed into a vibrant metropolis with a youthful vibe, thanks to its numerous educational institutions and a booming IT industry. The city seamlessly blends its historical charm with contemporary lifestyle, making it an attractive locale for young professionals and students.

For the young and modern gay community, Pune offers a welcoming environment amidst its historical backdrop. The city is progressively becoming more inclusive, with numerous social and cultural spaces that embrace diversity. Dating opportunities in Pune are enriched by its scenic landscapes and quaint cafes in areas like Koregaon Park and Shivaji Nagar, providing perfect backdrops for romantic outings and first dates. Moreover, the city’s vibrant festival scene, including the annual Pune Pride Parade, fosters a sense of community and offers moments to meet, mingle, and celebrate diversity in all its forms. Whether you're looking to explore love or friendship, Pune provides a dynamic setting where history meets modernity in an open, inclusive atmosphere.