Population 7,216,000
Single pop. 1,987,286
Timezone Asia/Baghdad
Country Iraq

Baghdad - 'City of Peace'

Welcome to Baghdad, a city rich with history and culture at the heart of Iraq. This bustling metropolis invites you to explore its vibrant streets, where ancient traditions meet modern life. From the iconic Tigris River that splits the city into two, offering scenic views and cool breezes, to the bustling markets like the famous Al-Mutanabbi Street where you can soak in the local literature and art scene. Baghdad is a city that's constantly evolving, blending its storied past with a dynamic present, making it an intriguing destination for those who seek a blend of old and new. Whether you're a history buff, a culture enthusiast, or just looking to experience life in one of the world's oldest cities, Baghdad has something to offer.

Date ideas for Baghdad

Visit Al-Zawraa Park

Spend a day at Al-Zawraa Park, a large green space in the heart of Baghdad. It's a great spot for a leisurely walk or a picnic. Enjoy the zoo and amusement park within its premises for a fun and relaxed date.

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Explore the National Museum of Iraq

Dive into history at the National Museum of Iraq. With artifacts that span 5,000 years of history, it's a fascinating place to explore and learn about the rich heritage of the region together.

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Stroll along Abu Nawas Street

Take a romantic walk along Abu Nawas Street by the Tigris River. Known for its fish restaurants and vibrant atmosphere, it’s a perfect place for an evening stroll followed by a delicious dinner.

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Coffee Date at Shanasheel Cafe

Enjoy traditional Iraqi coffee at Shanasheel Cafe. This cafe offers a cozy ambiance, perfect for deep conversations and getting to know each other better over a cup of authentic Iraqi brew.

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Book Browsing at Mutanabbi Street

Spend your Friday morning wandering through Mutanabbi Street, Baghdad’s historic book market. It’s an ideal spot for literature lovers to browse through books, enjoy street performances, and soak up the local culture.

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Dating in Baghdad

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A brief history of Baghdad

Baghdad, the capital city of Iraq, is steeped in a rich tapestry of history and culture, tracing back to its foundation in 762 AD by the Abbasid Caliph Al-Mansur. Known historically as a pivotal cultural and intellectual center, Baghdad was once the heart of the Islamic Golden Age, where scholars, poets, and artists from around the world gathered. The city's historical significance is highlighted by its innovative layout, famously designed as a round city with protective walls and a strategic location along the Tigris River. This ancient planning underscores Baghdad’s early significance in trade and culture, establishing it as a bustling metropolis from its inception.

In modern times, Baghdad continues to embrace its heritage alongside new developments. Despite facing challenges, the city's vibrant spirit endures with its lively markets, numerous cafes, and the continued practice of traditional crafts and arts. For members of the LGBTQ+ community, including gay and gay trans men, Baghdad offers a complex but evolving landscape. Social activities might be more private due to conservative societal norms; however, the youth are increasingly connected through online platforms and communities. These digital spaces can serve as safe environments for dating and socializing, fostering a sense of community and support among LGBTQ+ individuals in Baghdad.

For those interested in love and dating, the city’s rich history provides a romantic backdrop. Exploring the intertwining streets of Baghdad or enjoying quiet moments by the Tigris River can become memorable dates. The city’s historical depth adds an enriching layer to personal connections and stories created amidst its enduring legacy.