Population 792,665
Single pop. 218,300
Timezone Asia/Amman
Country Jordan


Welcome to Zarqa, Jordan's vibrant industrial hub! Known for its dynamic energy and rich history, Zarqa offers a unique blend of modernity and tradition. As the second-largest city in Jordan, it's a place where young professionals can thrive amidst bustling markets, diverse cuisine, and cultural sites. Whether you're exploring local eateries, diving into the city's lively shopping scenes, or soaking up the local culture, Zarqa provides an exciting backdrop to connect with new friends and potential dates. Get ready to discover all that this lively city has to offer!

Date ideas for Zarqa

Coffee Date at Zarqa Mall

Enjoy a casual coffee date at one of the cafes in Zarqa Mall. It's a public and safe space where you can have great conversations over coffee. The mall's relaxed atmosphere makes it a perfect spot for getting to know each other.

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Stroll through Prince Mohammad Park

Take a leisurely walk together in Prince Mohammad Park. It’s one of the larger green spaces in Zarqa, offering a peaceful environment for a daytime date. Enjoy the open spaces and casual conversation as you walk.

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Explore the Zarqa Museum

Dive into history at the Zarqa Museum. It's a small but interesting place with artifacts that tell the story of the region’s heritage. A quiet and insightful date idea for those who love to learn.


Shopping and Snacks at Al-Zarqa Grand Mall

Spend your day at Al-Zarqa Grand Mall where you can shop, eat, and just hang out. The mall provides a variety of shops and eateries, making it easy to find something you both like.

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Sweet Treats at Local Bakeries

Indulge in some sweet treats by visiting local bakeries around Zarqa. Discover traditional Jordanian pastries or more familiar sweets. It’s a sweet end (or start!) to any date.

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Dating in Zarqa

Looking for love in Zarqa? Only Lads is your go-to platform! In a city where the gay scene might not be as visible, Only Lads provides a safe and vibrant online community where you can connect with like-minded guys. Whether you're looking for a serious relationship or just a chat with someone who gets you, our app makes it easy to meet other gay and gay trans men in Zarqa. With user-friendly features tailored for our community, Only Lads breaks down barriers, allowing you to explore your options and express yourself freely in a welcoming environment. Join Only Lads today and start your journey to finding love right here in Zarqa!

A brief history of Zarqa

Zarqa, Jordan's second-largest city after Amman, boasts a unique blend of history, culture, and modernity. Originally a small village, it grew significantly with the development of the Hejaz Railway in the early 20th century, which was instrumental in connecting the region. Zarqa has since evolved into a bustling urban center known for its diverse demographics and as a hub for industry and education.

For the young, vibrant gay community, including gay trans men, Zarqa offers a backdrop of historical intrigue blended with contemporary life. While public expressions of LGBTQ+ identities can be challenging in conservative regions, the city's younger generations are increasingly embracing a more inclusive approach. Social networks, both online and in-person, provide crucial support and connection opportunities. In the sphere of love and dating, discreet meetups and the digital space play a significant role in helping individuals connect and share their experiences safely. Exploring Zarqa's history and cultural sites can be an enchanting experience for couples looking for shared adventures in an ancient land.