Population 1,200,000
Single pop. 330,480
Timezone Asia/Almaty
Country Kazakhstan


Welcome to Shymkent, Kazakhstan's vibrant southern gem! Bursting with youthful energy, this city is a cultural hotspot where tradition meets modernity. Explore its bustling bazaars, savor the local cuisine, and dive into its dynamic nightlife. Shymkent's welcoming atmosphere makes it a perfect spot for young gay men to connect, discover rich historical sites, and enjoy the lively social scene. Whether you're looking for adventure or a chill place to hang out and meet new people, Shymkent offers a warm and exciting experience.

Date ideas for Shymkent

Stroll through Ken Baba Park

Enjoy a leisurely walk or a relaxing picnic at Ken Baba Park. It's one of the largest parks in Shymkent, offering beautiful green spaces and peaceful areas to sit and chat. A perfect low-key date for nature lovers.

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Explore Shymkent Zoo

Visit the Shymkent Zoo for a fun and casual date. It's a great way to enjoy the outdoors while seeing a variety of animals. The zoo offers a laid-back environment that can make for an enjoyable day out.

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Coffee Date at Coffeedelia

Grab a coffee at Coffeedelia, a popular local café known for its cozy ambiance and excellent brews. It’s a great spot to have deep conversations or simply enjoy each other's company over a delicious cup of coffee.

#Foodie #Romantic #Entertainment

Shopping at Mega Planet Mall

Spend the day shopping or window-shopping at Mega Planet Mall, one of the largest shopping centers in Shymkent. It’s perfect for picking out gifts for each other or just enjoying the bustling atmosphere together.

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Dating in Shymkent

Discovering love in Shymkent has never been more exciting and straightforward, thanks to Only Lads! In a vibrant city bustling with hidden gems and a growing, diverse community, our app connects you with like-minded local and visiting gay men, including gay trans men. Whether you're exploring the rich cultural tapestry of the city or looking for someone to share a coffee with in a cozy café, Only Lads makes it easy to meet, chat, and connect. Dive into Shymkent's lively social scene with confidence and find your match on an app that understands your needs and respects your preferences. Join Only Lads today and start your journey to finding love in one of Kazakhstan’s most dynamic cities!

A brief history of Shymkent

Shymkent, one of Kazakhstan's most vibrant cities, boasts a rich tapestry of history and culture. Initially established as a caravanserai on the Silk Road over 2,000 years ago, Shymkent has blossomed into a bustling metropolis. It's a place where the past meets the present, evidenced by its traditional bazaars bustling alongside modern cafes and bars. Throughout its history, Shymkent has been a melting pot of cultures and influences, creating a uniquely welcoming atmosphere.

For the young, progressive, and LGBTQ+ community, Shymkent offers an evolving social scene. While it's more discreet in comparison to larger cities like Almaty or Astana, the sense of community and connection among local and visiting gay men (including gay trans men) is palpable. The city’s parks and cultural spots provide perfect backdrops for romantic walks or casual meetups. As Shymkent continues to grow, it retains its charm and warmth, making it an intriguing destination for love, friendship, and adventure.