Population 559,056
Single pop. 153,964
Timezone Asia/Pyongyang
Country North Korea


Welcome to Hamhung, North Korea's second-largest city! Nestled on the country's eastern coast, Hamhung offers a unique blend of history and culture. Known for its scenic beauty, the city is surrounded by picturesque mountains and beaches, perfect for those who love nature and seek tranquility. The local cuisine, especially the famous Hamhung naengmyeon (cold noodles), is a must-try. Whether you're exploring its historical sites or enjoying the serene landscapes, Hamhung provides a distinctive backdrop for adventure and exploration.

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Explore Hamhung Grand Theatre

Visit the Hamhung Grand Theatre, one of the largest theaters in North Korea. Catch a traditional performance or simply admire the architecture of this significant cultural landmark.

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Visit the Hamhung Royal Villa

Explore the historical site of the Hamhung Royal Villa. It offers a glimpse into Korea's royal past and is an interesting spot for those who appreciate history and architecture.

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A brief history of Hamhung

Hamhung, the second-largest city in North Korea, holds a rich tapestry of history and culture. Established during the Koryo Dynasty, Hamhung quickly became a vital cultural hub in the region. Throughout the centuries, this city has witnessed various historical shifts, from being a major industrial center during the Japanese occupation to its reconstruction after the Korean War. The resilience and vibrant spirit of Hamhung can be seen in its recovery and development through the years.

For the modern visitor, especially those interested in cultural exploration and authentic experiences, Hamhung offers unique insights into North Korean life. While there aren't specifically targeted activities or areas for gay men, including gay trans men, the city's history of embracing change and moving forward might resonate on a personal level. Exploring relationships or finding love here would be an experience wrapped in discretion due to local customs and laws. However, the city's backdrop of traditional architecture mixed with natural beauty provides a unique setting that could inspire romance and deep connections for those who value privacy and subtlety in their relationships.