Population 1,241,311
Single pop. 341,857
Timezone Asia/Seoul
Country South Korea

Suwon - 'The City of Filial Piety'

Welcome to Suwon, a vibrant city just a stone's throw from Seoul! Known for its rich history and modern charm, Suwon offers the perfect blend of old and new. Dive into the past with a visit to the UNESCO-listed Hwaseong Fortress, where you can walk along ancient walls with stunning views. For a taste of the local culture, check out the lively markets and indulge in some delicious Korean street food. Suwon is also known for its buzzing nightlife and friendly vibe, making it a great spot to meet new people and have some fun. Whether you're into exploring historical sites or dancing the night away, Suwon has something exciting for everyone.

Date ideas for Suwon

Stroll through Hwaseong Fortress

Explore the UNESCO World Heritage site, Hwaseong Fortress. This historical site offers scenic views and a glimpse into Korea's past. Perfect for a leisurely walk and deep conversations.

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Coffee Date at Cafe Yeon

Enjoy a cozy coffee date at Cafe Yeon, known for its traditional Korean ambiance and excellent teas. It's a quiet spot ideal for getting to know each other better.

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Shopping at Suwon Station

Spend the day shopping and exploring around Suwon Station. This area is bustling with shops, eateries, and entertainment options, making it perfect for a lively and fun date.

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Picnic at Gwanggyo Lake Park

Have a relaxing picnic at Gwanggyo Lake Park. The park features beautiful lake views and plenty of space for a serene day out in nature. Great for couples who enjoy outdoor activities.

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Art and Culture at Suwon IPark Museum of Art

Visit the Suwon IPark Museum of Art to experience contemporary art exhibitions. It’s an inspiring place that stimulates creative conversations — ideal for art-loving couples.

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Dating in Suwon

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A brief history of Suwon

Suwon, the heart and capital of Gyeonggi-do, South Korea, is a city steeped in history yet vibrantly modern. Known for its well-preserved Hwaseong Fortress, a UNESCO World Heritage site, Suwon offers a unique blend of ancient culture and contemporary life. This city traces its significance back to the 18th century when King Jeongjo moved his father’s tomb here, transforming it with grand architectural innovations including the impressive fortress wall that encircles the central part of the city. Today, this historic site not only stands as a testament to past ingenuities but also as a picturesque backdrop for romantic strolls and memorable dates.

In modern times, Suwon has embraced its historical roots while evolving into a dynamic urban center. The city is known for its lively arts scene, vibrant festivals, and extensive parks, which provide both locals and visitors with ample opportunities for leisure and romantic outings. Whether you're exploring its historic sites or enjoying the youthful energy of its urban culture, Suwon offers a charming setting for connection and discovery. For gay men, including gay trans men, this city can be a welcoming space to explore history, culture, and personal stories amidst its scenic landscapes and progressive community vibes.