Population 1,515,017
Single pop. 417,236
Timezone Europe/Stockholm
Country Sweden

Stockholm - 'The Venice of the North'

Welcome to Stockholm, the vibrant heart of Scandinavia! This city is not just Sweden's capital but also a hub of culture, fashion, and progressive values. Known for its stunning architecture that spans from medieval buildings in Gamla Stan to cutting-edge designs in modern districts, Stockholm is a feast for the eyes. It's surrounded by crystal-clear waterways and lush green spaces, perfect for those nature-infused escapes or romantic walks. For the nightlife seekers, Stockholm boasts an inclusive and buzzing gay scene with trendy bars, clubs, and events that cater to the LGBTQ+ community. Whether you're into history, art, or partying until dawn, Stockholm welcomes you with open arms and endless possibilities.

Date ideas for Stockholm

Stroll through Gamla Stan

Explore the cobbled streets of Gamla Stan, Stockholm's old town. It's packed with history, charming shops, and cozy cafes. Perfect for a relaxed day exploring the city's rich past and enjoying some fika together.

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Visit ABBA The Museum

For music lovers, a trip to ABBA The Museum is a must. Dive into the history of the iconic pop group in an interactive setting. Sing along, dance, and maybe even record your own song. It's a fun and vibrant spot that’s sure to spark joy.

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Chill at Mälarpaviljongen

Grab a drink at Mälarpaviljongen, an idyllic floating gay-friendly bar and cafe on Lake Mälaren. It's known for its lush greenery and inclusive atmosphere, making it a perfect spot for a sunny afternoon or a beautiful sunset.

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Art Date at Moderna Museet

Get inspired at Moderna Museet, Stockholm’s museum of modern art. Featuring works from Picasso to Pollock, this museum offers thought-provoking art and stunning views of Djurgården island.

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Kayaking in the Archipelago

Adventure out with a kayak tour around Stockholm’s archipelago. Paddle among the islands and enjoy the natural beauty surrounding the city. A great active date that combines fitness with spectacular Nordic scenery.

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Dating in Stockholm

Stockholm, with its vibrant LGBTQ+ scene and picturesque views, is the perfect backdrop for romance. Only Lads makes finding love in this bustling city a breeze. Our app connects you to a diverse community of gay and bisexual men, including gay trans men, right here in the heart of Scandinavia. Whether you're exploring the trendy bars of Södermalm or looking for a quiet walk through Gamla Stan, Only Lads offers tailored matches that suit your tastes and preferences. Dive into Stockholm's dynamic dating scene with Only Lads and find your next great love story amidst the city’s stunning beauty and open-minded spirit.

A brief history of Stockholm

Stockholm, the vibrant capital of Sweden, is not only a picturesque city made up of 14 islands connected by over 50 bridges on the expansive Lake Mälaren, but it also has a rich history that dates back to the 13th century. Known for its colorful architecture and winding cobblestone streets that are a photographer’s delight, Stockholm blends medieval charm with modern innovation. It is a city that proudly showcases its heritage at every turn, from the majestic Royal Palace to the historic district of Gamla Stan.

For the gay community, Stockholm is a beacon of openness and progressive values within Scandinavia. The city is renowned for its inclusive atmosphere and has been a pioneer in advocating for LGBTQ+ rights. Stockholm hosts an annual Pride festival that is one of the most vibrant and well-attended in Europe, drawing crowds from across the globe to celebrate love in all its forms. This openness makes it an inviting city for dating and socializing, providing a welcoming environment for relationships to flourish, amidst a backdrop of stunning natural beauty and architectural elegance. Whether you're exploring love or the rich tapestry of history that Stockholm offers, you're sure to find an accepting and lively community at every corner.