Population 3,898,747
Single pop. 1,073,715
Timezone America/Los_Angeles
Country United States

Los Angeles - 'City of Angels'

Welcome to Los Angeles, a sun-soaked playground where creativity and diversity meet under the vast Californian sky! This city is a vibrant tapestry of cultures with an iconic skyline, bustling with activities from dawn till dusk. Whether you're cruising down Sunset Boulevard, catching some rays at Venice Beach, or exploring the trendy shops in Silver Lake, LA is the place to be for young, energetic gay men. With its thriving LGBTQ+ scene, including legendary nightlife and inclusive events, Los Angeles stands out as a dynamic hub where you can truly be yourself while chasing your dreams.

Date ideas for Los Angeles

Stroll through West Hollywood

Explore the vibrant streets of West Hollywood, a hub for the LGBTQ+ community. Check out trendy shops, cool cafes, and lively bars. Don't miss the iconic Rainbow Crosswalks for a great photo op!

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Sunset at Griffith Observatory

Catch a breathtaking sunset from Griffith Observatory. It offers stunning views of LA and the Hollywood sign. Perfect for a romantic evening followed by stargazing at one of their public telescopes.

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The Abbey Food & Bar

Grab drinks or dinner at The Abbey Food & Bar in West Hollywood. Known as one of the most iconic gay bars globally, it's great for a lively atmosphere and possibly some celebrity sightings.

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Art date at The Getty Center

Visit The Getty Center for an art-filled day. Enjoy impressive art collections, stunning architecture, and panoramic views of Los Angeles. A serene and culturally enriching date spot.

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Beach day at Will Rogers State Beach

Spend a day at Will Rogers State Beach, also known as 'Ginger Rogers Beach,' popular with the gay community. It's perfect for sunbathing, swimming, or just chilling with a good book.

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Dating in Los Angeles

In the sprawling city of Los Angeles, where the dating scene is as fast-paced as the city itself, Only Lads stands out as your go-to dating app. With its user-friendly interface and a vibrant community of gay and gay trans men, finding your match in the City of Angels has never been easier. Whether you’re cruising in West Hollywood, hanging out in Silver Lake, or soaking up the sun in Santa Monica, Only Lads connects you with like-minded guys who are looking for something real. Dive into a pool of profiles tailored to your preferences, chat in real-time, and discover local hotspots where you can meet up. Don’t just navigate the vast L.A. dating landscape alone; let Only Lads be your guide to finding love—or fun—in this dynamic city!

A brief history of Los Angeles

Los Angeles, a sun-soaked metropolis, isn't just the City of Angels but also a vibrant canvas where modernity meets tradition, making it an electric backdrop for love and connection. Originally home to the Tongva people, L.A. has transformed over the centuries from a small pueblo established in 1781 into a booming cultural capital. It's a city famed not only for Hollywood’s glitz and glamor but also for its diverse neighborhoods, each with its unique vibe.

For the LGBTQ+ community, including many gay men and gay trans men, Los Angeles has long been a bastion of acceptance and innovation. From the historic protests in Silver Lake to the colorful exuberance of West Hollywood (one of the most prominent gay villages in the world), L.A. offers a welcoming space for everyone. The city's rich history of LGBTQ+ rights and ongoing cultural festivals make it an ideal place for connection and self-expression. Whether it's finding romance under the neon lights or experiencing profound camaraderie at various community events, Los Angeles serves as a dynamic setting where love and identity flourish together.