Population 1,978,028
Single pop. 544,749
Timezone Asia/Tashkent
Country Uzbekistan


Welcome to Tashkent, the vibrant capital of Uzbekistan, where ancient history meets modern flair! This city is a bustling hub of culture and excitement, perfect for young adventurers looking to explore. From the stunning architectural wonders like the Kukeldash Madrasah to the lush greenery of its many parks, Tashkent offers a blend of tranquility and urban energy. Dive into local and international cuisines at trendy cafes and restaurants, or enjoy the lively nightlife scene. Whether you're a history buff, foodie, or party-goer, Tashkent has something exciting to offer.

Date ideas for Tashkent

Stroll through Alisher Navoi National Park

Enjoy a peaceful walk or a leisurely bike ride together in Alisher Navoi National Park. This large park features beautiful green spaces, fountains, and monuments, making it a perfect spot for a relaxing date.

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Explore the State Museum of History of Uzbekistan

Dive into the rich history of Uzbekistan at the State Museum. With artifacts dating back to the ancient times, it’s a fascinating place to explore and learn something new together.

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Dinner at Caravan

Experience traditional Uzbek cuisine at Caravan. Known for its authentic dishes and warm ambiance, it’s a great place to enjoy a romantic dinner and immerse yourselves in local flavors.

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Visit Tashkent Tower

Head up to the observation deck of Tashkent Tower for stunning panoramic views of the city. It’s a memorable spot to watch the sunset and cap off your date with breathtaking sights.

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Dating in Tashkent

In the vibrant city of Tashkent, where tradition meets modernity, finding your special someone can be a unique challenge, especially for the gay community. That's where Only Lads comes in – a space designed specifically for you. Our app connects you with like-minded guys right in your city, from Shaykhontohur to Yakkasaray. Whether you're looking for a coffee date at Broadway or a romantic stroll through Amir Timur Park, Only Lads makes it easy to meet and interact safely and discreetly. Join our community to explore your dating possibilities with local men who understand and share your experiences and interests.

A brief history of Tashkent

Tashkent, the vibrant capital of Uzbekistan, is a city steeped in history and rich in culture. With roots tracing back over 2,200 years, Tashkent has seen various incarnations, from an ancient city on the Silk Road that facilitated trade between the East and the West to a modern metropolis that's the largest in Central Asia. The city has weathered invasions, earthquakes, and major transformations, always emerging with a new layer of diversity and resilience that adds to its unique character.

Today, Tashkent is a dynamic blend of old and new. It boasts broad boulevards lined with Soviet-era architecture, bustling bazaars such as Chorsu that offer a slice of traditional life, and green spaces like Amir Timur Square that provide peaceful escapes within the urban landscape. For young gay men and gay trans men, Tashkent offers a glimpse into a society that's slowly embracing more modern viewpoints. The city's growing café culture and nightlife scene provide spaces for socializing and meeting new people, while annual events and festivals are times of celebration and self-expression in an evolving cultural context.

Exploring Tashkent provides an opportunity not just to connect with its historical past but also to engage with its present momentum towards openness and diversity. Whether you're interested in the rich tapestry of its history or looking to meet someone new in a lively setting, Tashkent offers both with warmth and an inviting spirit.